Six-pack workout for your pet guinea pig - exercise time!

Sixpack Workout for GUINEA PIGS led by guinea pigs!

You’ve seen lots of online workouts for people to get to their fittest body. Well, what about Guinea pigs? This workout is lead by Popcorn and he’s a professional eater, attention seeker as well as cuteness Hypnotizer. Today he’s going to transform into a trainer and lead the six-pack workout for guinea pigs!!!

For the BEHIND THE SCENES of this video, check this out :

Warning: please be aware that these tricks are performed by a professional and trained piggy. Therefore your Guinea pigs may not be comfortable with some of the tricks, for example arm circles.

If you want your guinea pig to exercise their cute furry bodies as well as their brains, here are some toys that Popcorn likes a lot that your piggies will love too!

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I worked really hard on the youtube channel. So please check it out subscribe. Well, Let’s get on to the six-pack workout for guinea pigs, shall we?

WAIT! Don’t forget their healthy 2 ingredient ice cream!

(for guinea pigs, not u)

Because every guinea pig deserves a treat 🙂

Does your guinea pig want to be a knight in shining armour instead of an athlete? Well, guess how much it cost for a full guinea pig armour!

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