Products I use

Here are a list of items for guinea pigs with links that I have for mine.


  1. the “2x” or “3x” number are how much of these things I have now
  2. None of these products are sponsored. These are the products I used and recommend
  3. If you purchase the products using the links in this article, I earn a very small percentage of commission, at no extra cost to you

Cage Setup:

Midwest Guinea Pig Habitat, Large, 2x

First Layer of bedding – Large puppy pads

Fleece liners, 3x

White and Cozy paper bedding, 3x (I use it when the temperature is cold)

Hay Rack – I use this one and a magazine rack

Water bottles:

For cage and playpen – Living World water bottle, 2x

For cage – no drip Small animal water bottle

For carrier or travel – Choco nose water bottle/feeder

*Read more on the 5 best leak-free water bottles for guinea pigs here

Hideouts and Enrichment:

Large Bendable wooden hideout/ladder for guinea pigs and rabbits (This one lasts the longest)

Washable Fleece cuddle bed (It was Popcorn’s Christmas present too)

Kaytee Natural Tree Trunk Hideout (Popcorn’s first hideout)

Living World Teach N Treat Toy for Small mammals

Collapsible 3 way tunnel for small mammals

Wheeky Treat Ball for Guinea Pigs with adjustable opening

Healthy Foods and Treats

Oxbow Organic pellets for adult guinea pigs (see here for detailed, unbiased pellet comparisons and recommendations)

Pea flakes as treats

Playpen time/free roam

Extra large washable play mats for pets, 2x

Amazonbasics Foldable Fence Pen (the one I use regularly)

Portable Foldable playpen for when I take the piggies to travel

Health and Grooming

Kaytee Pro Nail Trimmer

Stainless steel comb for guinea pigs

Digital multi function small pet scale that took me weeks to find

The best instant download printable guinea pig care package

Amazon Basics Pet travel carrier, 19 inch, 2x (We bought it second hand)

Small soft fleece blanket for guinea pigs