How to Train your Guinea Pig to Jump Through a Hoop in 2 Minutes

In this article + video, you’ll learn how to teach your guinea pig to do one of the most fun tricks of all time, jumping through a hoop, in just 2 minutes!

This trick is a lot easier to do than you think, and it only took Mochi and Coffee exactly two minutes to learn. I recommend reading the post and video through first before teaching your guinea pig to do the trick so you can have a better understanding and get tips along the way.

Did you know?

Training guinea pig tricks are one of the best ways to bond with your guinea pig, and if your guinea pig is single, keeping them active and entertained.

Exploring the Limits: How High Can Guinea Pigs Jump?

Guinea pigs may seem like small and cuddly creatures, but behind the lazy “melted marshmallow poses”, they can be surprisingly agile and athletic. One of the most impressive abilities they possess is their jumping skills. While they may not be able to jump as high as some other animals, guinea pigs can still reach impressive heights.

Guinea pigs can jump up to 12 inches in height

This may not seem like a lot, but considering the size of a guinea pig and the fact that their tails are almost invisible, it’s quite impressive. Jumping ability may vary depending on factors such as age, breed, and individual health. Some guinea pigs may have more natural jumping abilities than others.

It’s important to provide safe and appropriate jumping opportunities for your guinea pig. You can set up small obstacles for your guinea pig to jump over or encourage them to jump onto a raised platform. Make sure to supervise your guinea pig while they are jumping to ensure their safety.

Exploring your guinea pig’s jumping abilities can be a fun and exciting activity for both you and your pet. Just remember to always prioritize their safety and well-being.

How to make a jumping hoop for your guinea pig

To make the jumping hoop, all you need is a piece of cardboard, a compass, and scissors.

First, draw a large circle on the cardboard and a slightly smaller one inside the big one. Make sure the smaller circle is big enough for your guinea pig to comfortably jump through.

Cut it out, and there you have it, the jumping hoop is done!

Things you need to know before training your guinea pig

Make sure you have some small healthy treats like pea flakes or veggies cut into small pieces in hand. Guinea pigs don’t work for free!

Please train your piggy in a comfortable environment with little to no distractions. Yes, other guinea pigs are a distraction.

Don’t ever yell at your guinea pig or give them punishments. Talk softly and take a break if one of you needs it.

guinea pig tricks

How to train your guinea pig to jump through a hoop

1. Stepping through

First, with one hand holding the hoop on the ground and the other holding a treat, lure your guinea pig to the hoop and encourage it to walk through it. Reward it after it walks through. Repeat this a couple of times until your piggy gets used to it.

2. Jumping low

Now, lift the hoop slightly above the ground, and this time encourage your guinea pig to jump through the hoop.

You might need to take a couple more tries, but very soon your guinea pig will get used to it. If your piggy wanders away, gently use the hand with a treat to guide it back or place the hoop near it.

Again, repeat this step multiple times, rewarding them with a small treat after each jump.

how to train your guinea pig to jump through a hoop

3. Getting higher!

After that, lift the hoop a tiny bit higher each time and see how high your piggy can jump. Also, make your movements to lure your piggy to jump through the hoop less obvious, each time.

Very soon you can try only using your hand, without a treat to direct your piggy, and then no hand at all, just placing the hoop in front of your guinea pig.

Remember practice makes perfect and be patient. Don’t push your guinea pig if it’s getting tired, let it rest and try again later.


Instead of hoops, you can use the same training tactic and use other objects like dumbbells. Remember all it matters is if you and your piggy are having fun.

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