how to keep your single guinea pig happy and entertained

10 Ways to Keep a Single Guinea Pig Happy + Entertained

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Guinea pigs are social animals and need company, but if you have a single guinea pig, here’s how to keep your guinea pig happy and entertained.

In this article I will give you my top tips for keeping your single guinea pig happy:

Can a Single Guinea Pig be Happy?

The short answer is yes.

The long answer is yes, but you must prepare to work hard because having more than one guinea pig is, of course, best. Here’s why.

So please, know that finding a buddy for your guinea pig is the ultimate cure for their loneliness.

Your single piggy will need a big cage, lots of human interaction and playtime, even more exercise and so on.

Bonding with your guinea pig is also one of the most important things, in this article, you will learn how to bond with your guinea pig and tips that actually work.

But if you can do these things, your guinea pig will still be happy.

1. Keep your guinea pig on a schedule.

A daily schedule helps your guinea pig know when they get dinner, play outside, etc. It’s also important because it gives you a sense of what needs to be done every day – and when.

Guinea pigs like consistency and having a routine on their day-to-day such as the time when they eat or cuddle will help both your potato-shaped furball feel secure within their environment, and just having set times for these little things can make your guinea pig feel more excited.

2. Give them cuddles

Giving them cuddles is the best way to keep your guinea pig happy. Guinea pigs love to cuddle with their owners, so make sure that you spend cuddle with it for 10 to 15 minutes at a time every day.

3. Put their cage near where people pass by frequently.

Guinea pigs are social creatures and need to be able to interact with humans and other guinea pigs in order to stay happy.

A lot of people neglect this tip, but to me it’s practically necessary if your guinea pig is single. Watching you and your family walking around the house entertains your piggy too, like a toddler. It keeps your guinea pig from getting too bored.

And placing its cage where you pass by multiple times daily, for example, the living room, is a huge help. A lot of people like to put their guinea pig’s cage next to a window in a safe spot so they can watch activities outside.

Change your guinea pig’s hideouts and hideout places every day for more variety. The cage becomes less dull and your guinea pig will enjoy exploring the new layout every time!

how to train a guinea pig to jump through a hoop in 2 minutes - great way to entertain your single guinea pig!

4. Teach them tricks to do for treats and veggies

This is one of my favourite ways to interact and entertain Popcorn! Training your guinea pig tricks will not only be a great way to keep your guinea pig active but also make your piggie even smarter! Here’s a more in-depth explanation and basic trick tutorials.

5. Put them in an exercise pen or let them run around outside of the cage at least once a day.

Guinea pigs need to run around outside of their cage at least once a day, especially if your guinea pig is single. The best way to do this is with an exercise pen or by letting them roam free in your guinea pig-proofed apartment or house while supervised by someone who knows what they’re doing!

Just make sure there aren’t any dangers lurking around before letting your pet out – they could get hurt if they step on something sharp or eat something poisonous!

single guinea pig
chopping veggies for your guinea pig

6. Take an extra step on veggies

What I mean is, instead of just dumping your guinea pig’s veggies in a bowl, hand feed them to them, use them astools to make your piggy curious and active.

For example, cut the veggies into smaller pieces and use them to train tricks, and hide little pieces of veggies in their cages for your piggie(s) to find. That way, even if you’re not around, your guinea pig can have a mini “scavenger hunt” and therefore be less lonely.

7. Play some Music

Did you know that most guinea pigs like music? As long as it’s not loud and doesn’t have a high frequency, depending on your guinea pig’s preferences, they can enjoy listening to music.

Playing some soft music can not only decrease any stress your guinea pigs have but also make them interested. I recommend you try it sometime!

8. Toys

Of course, one of the most effective ways to entertain your guinea pig is toys. A lot of toys can also strengthen your guinea pig’s mind as well. Below are my guinea pigs’ top 3 favourite toys that keep them curious for hours.


I find that mirrors also entertain my guinea pigs too, their reactions when they first saw their chubby faces in the reflection were hilarious!

Mirrors can also be a distraction for your guinea pig when they are bored. But please make sure the mirror is safe for your piggies and you clean it regularly. I use a mirror that was meant for parrots and my guinea pigs still love it.

9. Place Open-Ended Hideouts

We all know that guinea pigs need hideouts for their privacy and to make them feel safe. But having multiple hideouts, even for a single guinea pig is very important.

Don’t get me wrong, cuddle beds are comfy and warm, but hideouts and tunnels with more than one exit encourage your guinea pig to move and explore more.

10. Chat with your guinea pig

Talking to your guinea pig in a gentle will allow them to become more familiar with your voice and your presence. You can talk to them whenever you feed them a treat, clean their cage, wash their bottle, etc. They like hearing you talk about anything and everything.

Go ahead, and chat with it about anything and everything from the economy to your dreams to your struggles. Bonus: free animal therapy for you! At least that’s how I like to see it 🙂

Other things to keep in Mind

Remember to look for signs of depression and loneliness in your guinea pig, especially if it is single. Checking in on their weight weekly can also ensure that your guinea pig is healthy.

If you see signs of obesity, sudden weight loss, or if your piggy is not acting as it used to all of the sudden. please contact a vet.


I hope these tips can give you some ideas on how to entertain your single guinea pig and keep it happy. It’s hard, but doable. Remember to interact with your guinea pig multiple times a day and give it lots of love!

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