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How Well Do You Know about Guinea Pigs Quiz

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How much do you know about Guinea pigs? Are you ready to have Guinea pigs? Take this Guinea Pig quiz to find out! 

Having Guinea pigs is not an easy task. They have a lifespan of 5-8 years, and they require lots of care and attention. The amount of money to care for these potato-shaped fireballs is not cheap too, especially with the vet costs. 

There are many things you need to consider before adopting Guinea pigs, to provide them the best environment and care possible. But here in this article, we’re focusing on one component of this. 

How much do you know about Guinea pigs? 

This is very important, and unfortunately, many people don’t do enough research on the very creatures they will be caring for permanently for years. 

Not doing the right amount of research is one of the signs that you are NOT ready to have Guinea pigs. 

On the contrary, if you have researched them, good job! 

Who is this quiz for?

This free Guinea Pig quiz is for everyone interested in testing their knowledge of Guinea pigs. Not on scientific facts, but on real-life questions and situations that will come up at least once in your Guinea pig parenting journey. 

Whether you’re in the research phase or have had Guinea pigs for a decade, how about testing your knowledge in cavies? 

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About this Guinea Pig quiz 

This quiz has 12 multiple-choice questions, randomly ordered, and they are not the easiest questions out there. 

The quiz is calculated by how many questions you got right, and you’ll get a summary of how you did. 

Ok, enough talking, let’s get into the quiz. Don’t forget to comment down below what you got!

Disclaimer: This quiz is for entertainment purposes only.

8 guinea pig sounds and their meanings

How Much Do You Know about Guinea Pigs?

This is not a regular guinea pig trivia quiz - only those who are very familiar with guinea pigs know some of the answers to the questions!

1 / 10

What is a Boar?

guinea pig

2 / 10

What kind of Hay should most Guinea Pigs eat?


3 / 10

Which of the following will greatly decrease your Guinea pig's happiness?

guinea pig yawning showing teeth

4 / 10

How often should you clip a Guinea Pig's nails?

how to clip a guinea pig's nails when they are scared

5 / 10

What breed is this guinea pig?

6 / 10

What makes a guinea pig "popcorn"?

guinea pig double chin facts

7 / 10

How much Iceberg lettuce can guinea pigs eat?

iceberg lettuce

8 / 10

Oh no! Your Guinea pig is suddenly not eating or drinking and whimpering in pain. What do you do?

guinea pig resting in a wooden hideout - how to keep guinea pigs warm in winter

9 / 10

What makes up about 75% of guinea pigs' diet?

best enrichment toys for guinea pigs

10 / 10

What is something you should never do when getting New Guinea pigs?

guinea pig double chin

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guinea pig

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