Guinea Pig Memorial Gallery

In loving memory of our furry friends who have crossed the rainbow bridge, we invite you to join our Guinea Pig Memorial Gallery. Losing a guinea pig is never easy, but creating a space to celebrate their lives can bring comfort and support to the entire community.


It’s very easy! All you have to do is fill out this form and link one image of your deceased guinea pig to the last box. I will receive the email with your submitted information and add it to the page.

It will take 1-5 days for your piggy’s picture to show and you’ll get an email when that happens

1. the image size should be 50KB to 200KB

2. The recommended image ratio is about 1:1, otherwise it will be cropped on the profile.

3. Please just choose one image of your guinea pig shown clearly, preferably without any humans in the picture.

You can upload your guinea pig’s image to a free online image-to-link website like and paste the link there.

Of course not! Just your initials or even your nickname is fine, this is just an indicator of how I should address you in emails.

Add your deceased guinea pig to the Memorial Page

You can upload your image in and paste the link here