Cute and Funny Guinea Pig Memes to Make You Laugh!

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Welcome to the fluffiest corner of the internet! If you’re a guinea pig lover (or even if you’re just curious about these adorable furballs), you’re in for a treat. These funny guinea pig memes are not only made by yours truly but also feature the real stars of the show—my own guinea pigs! 

Before we dive into the memes, don’t miss out on our collection of 30 Funny Guinea Pig Quotes. It’s a delightful blend of wit, wisdom, and guinea pig charm.

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So snuggle up with your guinea pig, and let’s read the memes together.

Disclaimer: No guinea pigs were harmed during the creation of these memes. They were too busy posing for the camera. 

Second more serious disclaimer: if you do use my memes for your own content, please give credit to me and link this post.

You have to be odd to be number one.

You don’t know how it’s like with guinea pigs.

They don’t really have owners, they have staff.

Vacuum 2 feet away: sleep

Humans fighting: sleep

Fire alarm: sleep

Sound of bag crinkling: Get up, run up, and squeak as loud as a firetruck

The guinea pig composition, make completely from scientific research and not my opinion.

When you realize you are your worst enemy

Every rustle you make, every bag you shake, I’ll be watching you

What an emotional poem

A guinea pig’s affection is a reminder that there’s still good in this world

When you find out your human bought the off-brand pellets… again.

Here’s what you should actually look for in pellets for adult guinea pigs, with recommendations!

When you overhear someone mentioning “snack time”…

Me: I’m too busy this weekend, sorry

Also me:…

So relatable to introverts.

When you realize it’s only Wednesday…

When your buddy tells you the funniest joke in guinea pig history.

The guinea pig owner chart

When guinea pigs want treat, they GET TREAT

Me protecting my food from my sibling

Before and after coffee

When you’re trying to keep calm and someone asks “are you mad?”

Want to share your own?

So, these are the memes for now, I’m going to keep creating and adding more. I hope this post lights upyour day, and if you want to submit your own memes here, feel free to send me an email!

Remember to feed your piggies!

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