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DIY Easy Pet-Friendly Pinata – Made from Carboard!

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Making a fun and easy mini DIY carrot pinata for your pet guinea pig is easier than you think. With the help of this template and video guide, you can quickly make a creative carrot-shaped pinata for your furry friend to enjoy at parties or any other special occasion.

All you need is some cardboard and other inexpensive materials to make your pet’s very own carrot pinata!

Pinatas have been a long-time favourite for parties and celebrations. They are fun, and colourful, and bring excitement to any event. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, anniversary or holiday, everyone loves the thrill of swinging at a pinata and having all kinds of sweet treats raining down on them!

Pinatas make the perfect addition to any party – adults, kids AND your pets alike will be sure to enjoy them

PInata on the floor

Why you should make this Pet-Friendly Pinata

  • it’s easy to make, with a video and template
  • takes a lot less time to make compared to other pinatas
  • reusable, made from cardboard
  • you can easily make them into different shapes and figures
  • no need to waste energy and sweat (and a bat) hitting the pinata. We’re pulling strings! (you’ll see what I mean in a bit)
  • pet friendly, yes even for small mammals
  • no touching, meaning besides whatever you put inside the pinata, a treat and a piece of paper, nothing more will be falling on the ground.
  • Still super fun and safe!


  • Cardboard – not too thin or soft, but can easily be bent. This is the base of this pinata. I used a clean Amazon delivery box for mine
  • Hot glue + hot glue gun – I know, not pet-safe, but trust me, your pet won’t touch any of it. However, if you have a strong pet-safe glue recipe, feel free to use it instead.
  • Paint – again, you can use pet-safe paint if you want, but as long as the paint doesn’t have a smell after drying (I use this acrylic paint for mine), then it’s fine 🙂 You can use markers (that don’t have a strong smell) too.
  • a long thin treat – whether it’s a long thin piece of dry meat for your dog or a nice stand of cilantro for your guinea pig, this will be the “tugger”, or string for your pet to pull on so the prices from your pinata drop
  • a small piece of paper/cardboard – this will land on the ground too. The paper’s thickness will vary depending on how many /heavy the prices are in the pinata, as well as how hard your pet will pull on the treat. I use a regular piece of paper folded in half for my guinea pig but feel free to use thin cardboard instead.
  • String/thin rope – to hold up your pinata to the ceiling or wherever you want. I just held it with my hand.
  • Treats/Prices – what’s a pinata without treats or prices?

Remember, these are just guidelines! But feel free to ask questions and give suggestions in the comment section down below!

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