cucumber noodles in a bell pepper bowl for guinea pigs

Cucumber Noodles In A Bowl Recipe for Guinea Pigs

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You’ve heard of zucchini noodles for humans, let’s make some for your guinea pigs but add a twist – an edible bowl made from bell pepper!

Sometimes eating hay and salads every day gets boring. And that’s why I started making healthy snacks for guinea pigs such as 2-ingredient ice cream and hay clippings cookies for guinea pigs.

This time, the recipe requires no freezing or baking, which will save you some time.

Have you ever heard of Zoodles?

Zoodles, which are zucchini noodles for short, are noodle-shaped zucchini usually used as a low-carb substitute for regular noodles. They don’t taste like the regular ones, but zoodles are still very delicious and fun to eat!

Zucchini noodles vs cucumber noodles

For this recipe, I’ll be using cucumber noodles instead of zucchini noodles. That’s because my guinea pigs personally don’t like zucchini.

Which one is better though?

Zucchini is easier to spiral and therefore you can make thinner noodles. Cucumber has more water content, so you’ll need to spiral the noodles in a regular size.

However, for the same reasons, cucumber can hydrate your guinea pigs more and are lower in calories, which makes it more suitable for overweight guinea pigs.

Humans prefer noodles made from zucchini because it’s easier to cook and they can crisp up in the pan sometimes. But we are not cooking anything for the guinea pigs, so at the end of the day, the choice is yours.

How to make noodles for guinea pigs

The method to make veggie noodles for guinea pigs is almost the same for humans, with a few altercations.

First, you’ll need a veggie spiralizer. I use this one and it’s affordable, plus it makes great vegetable noodles. A high-quality vegetable spiralizer is worth it, especially with this one that has four kinds of blades to make different shapes.

If you don’t have that, you can also use a veggie peeler and peel noodles from your zucchini or cucumber, rotating as you peel. I will expand on that later.

What can I use for the toppings?

Here are some ingredient suggestions to add or top on your guinea pig-friendly noodles.

  • chopped carrots
  • pellets
  • pea flakes
  • chopped cilantro/parsley
  • chopped celery
  • any colourful veggies that are safe for guinea pigs to eat

Now… The Bowl

I’m using bell pepper as the edible bowl, due to its shape and size.

Of course, that doesn’t mean your guinea pigs should eat the entire thing, one of my guinea pigs Mochi expanded horizontally from eating the whole pepper by himself.

As for the colour of the bell pepper, it’s up to you. Different coloured bell peppers have different amounts of vitamin C and sugar. I’m using yellow, but green’s one of my favourites too.

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cucumber noodles in a bell pepper bowl for guinea pigs

Cucumber Noodles in a Bell Pepper Bowl for Guinea Pigs

Yield: 6

You’ve heard of zucchini noodles for humans, let’s make some for your guinea pigs but adding a twist – an edible bowl made from bell pepper!


  • 1 large cucumber, washed, ends chopped
  • 1 large bell pepper, washed
  • optional: Toppings. Scroll up for suggestions


  1. Follow the instructions of your vegetable spiralizer to make cucumber or zucchini noodles.If you don’t have a spiralizer, use a veggie peeler to peel “noodles” out by slicing off a side of the zucchini lengthwise after chopping off the ends. Then, carefully run the peeler along the length of the zucchini to get thin slices.
  1. Cut the top of bell pepper horizontally, then discard the seeds inside. Using a metal spoon, scoop out some parts inside that stuck out to make more space for fillings.
  2. chop up your toppings. Place the noodles inside the bell pepper, then top it off with toppings. Serve fresh, but depending on how many guinea pigs you’re serving, you might not have to serve the entire thing.

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