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7 Best Enrichment Toys for Guinea Pigs by Category

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Christmas is around the corner, so here are 7 of the best enrichment toys for Guinea pigs that they will love and play with for hours. 

As a Guinea pig parent, I’ve purchased tons of toys for my Guinea pigs over the years. And unfortunately lost a fair amount of money from bad toys. 

not every toy is suitable for them or keeps them entertained for long. But some work and lasts a long time. 

So, here are the 7 best enrichment toys for Guinea pigs, by category that you can get on Amazon or other stores for a reasonable price without breaking your bank. 

Best Cuddle Bed for Guinea Pigs

MuYaoPet small mammal cuddle bed

cuddle beds for guinea pigs

There are plenty of cuddle beds out there, but this is my favourite. 

The MuYaoPet small mammal cuddle bed has a super cute yellow bee design and has two different sizes: small (Length 8.9inch Width 9.4inch Height 6.7inch) and large (Length 10.2inch Width 9.8inch Height 8.2inch).

The nylon plush and cotton filling make it a durable and high-quality cuddle bed that your guinea pig will be snuggling in day and night, especially during the winter.

I find that this cuddle bed is also one of the easiest cushioned hideouts to clean, which is more important than you might think.

However, if you prefer cuddle beds with no roof, I recommend the ONEJU Guinea Pig Bed. It’s soft and easy to clean as well. This cuddle bed is ranked in the top 3 in small mammal beds too.

Best Brain Simulating Toy for Guinea Pigs

Living World Teach n treat toy 

This Living World Teach-n-Treat toy was my Guinea pigs’ Christmas present 2 years ago and let me tell you, they love it. The fact that it still looks and works perfectly without a problem should tell you something about this. 

Not only is it easy to clean, but the toy also has suction cups underneath so your piggies won’t tip over it. 

The Teach-n-Treat toy has two ways to entertain your Guinea pigs. 

The first is you can use it a as board with 9 pockets where you put some treats in. Once you place the veggies, there are 9 blue translucent “lids” for you to put on top of the pockets to cover it. 

Your Guinea pigs will use all their senses to find the treats. 

enrichment toys for guinea pigs - living world teach n treat

Eyes: look for the veggies 

Noses: smell the veggies 

Mouth: to pick up the lids to reveal the veggies, and to eat 

Ears: heat the sound of the lids falling 

Touch: use their paws to navigate the board 

The second way is the same, but instead of 9 little lid cups. It is replaced by a tinted green plate-shaped disk on top for the piggies to move around. Both ways are included in the product. 

The Teach-n-Treat enrichment toy gets your Guinea pigs’ little brains working, and it’s one of my favourite toys to entertain them. 

Most Versatile Hideout for Guinea Pigs

Hamiledyi Wooden Ladder Climbing Bridge / Bendable wooden bridge

wooden ladder climbing bridge bendable wooden for guinea pigs

The wooden bendable bridge was one of the earliest hideouts I bought for my Guinea pigs. I got mine from PetSmart and it’s still one of my most used hides to this day. It wasn’t until seeing there are very similar if not the same hideouts on Amazon for a much cheaper price than I considered buying a second one 

The wooden ladder-climbing bridge serves multiple purposes. As the name says, it can be bent but sturdy enough to not be bent or moved easily by your Guinea pigs. 

You can bend it to use as a hideout, bridge, etc. And since it’s made out of wood, this hide is also suitable for chewing as well. Overall, these wooden hideouts are one of the best toys for guinea pigs.

Best treat ball for guinea pigs

Niteangel Pets Treat Ball Toy

best treat ball for guinea pigs

If you’ve ever googled “treat ball for guinea pigs”, chances are this product will pop up on your screen everywhere. And for good reason.

For starters, this fun and interactive treat ball was designed to be pushed and rolled around by your piggy to find the treat hidden inside the adjustable treat opening. It’s a great enrichment toy to enhance your guinea pig’s natural foraging instincts and keep them active.

I bought the one that has a bright yellow colour with orange decorative carrots, and there are also the same treat balls with the same pattern but in green or blue.

If you go to the official shop, you can choose the Niteangel Pets Treat Ball toy from two different sizes: Small size 2.8-inch/7cm diameter, and Large size 3.9-inch/10cm diameter.

I love to put pea flakes or small chopped carrots inside and watch my guinea pigs play with it for hours. And that’s why I highly recommend this treat ball for guinea pigs.

On the other hand, making your own DIY treat balls from toilet paper is a great low-budget option too.

Cheapest Guinea Pig Enrichment Toy

Kaytee Perfect chews

Kaytee perfect chew toys for guinea pigs

The Kaytee perfect chew toy is one of the first toys that we have for Popcorn, our first guinea pig. It’s a cute toy designed to look like a kabob with a metal attachment hook for you to hang in their habitat.

The enrichment toy has blocks shaped like orange slices, a wood log, and other colourful blocks. Every time I finish cleaning my guinea pigs’ cages, I make sure to stuff pieces of lettuce in between the gaps of the block of this chew toy for my guinea pigs to find.

And what’s even more pleasing is the fact that it’s so cheap – the chew is only CAD 5.99. However, there are some compromises, and the major one I found is that the colour tends to fall off or even wash off a bit if water or liquid is spilled onto it. But for the price, this enrichment toy for guinea pigs is so worth it.

Best Foraging Mat for Guinea Pigs

GINDOOR 24″ x 24″ Pet Foraging Mat

Snuffle mats and foraging mats have become more popular in recent years. This one in particular has lots of perks for a reasonable price.

The Gindoor foraging mat has various colourful patterns, like carrots, bell peppers, corn, flowers and grass. The bottom is a non-slip cloth that makes playing with it on the floor so much easier. It’s also portable and foldable, so you don’t have to worry about the mat taking up much space. The snuffles themselves are surprisingly high in quality, soft and durable.

snuffle mat for guinea pigs

Keep in mind that even though it is foldable, the mat is 24×24 inches long, which to me is a great thing, but not so much for others. For people who prefer a smaller snuffle mat, the Rosewood Boredom Breaker Snuffle Forage Mat for Small Animals is a great snuffle mat to use.

I like to sneak treats into the mat and place them in the guinea pigs’ playpen for them to snuffle in. But the most important thing to look for in foraging mats for small mammals, especially when using them, is how easy it is to wash them. And I’m happy to tell you that the polar fleece material makes it suitable to wash in a machine and by hand as well.

But, if money you prefer not to spend money on snuffle mats, you can make your own with old clothes and a piece of cardboard.

Best Castle for Guinea Pigs

Small Pet Select Habitat Hideout Castle

There are plenty of hideout castles for small mammals, but they’re either too small for your piggy to squeeze in or too high for them to jump on. Some very little castles and playgrounds are designed specifically for guinea pigs.

However, the Small Pet Select habitat hideout castle does the trick and more. It’s very customizable and made out of Hardwood Plywood-Birch veneer with kiln-dried Aspen or Pine Core. Adding to that, it’s a Soy based Adhesive (Food Grade), so you can rest assured that your guinea pigs are safe chewing on it.

You can purchase the castle in parts in pieces and different sizes. Some include bridges, ladders, “towers”, etc.

I find it very easy to assemble, and if you want a guinea pig castle that has all the components in one pack, I recommend this one.  It’s made of natural premium basswood plywood with a healthy smell, durable material and overall natural appearance. What’s more, the castle is super easy to assemble as well, like from IKEA’s.


There are many enrichment toys for guinea pigs, and although these are some of the best ones after testing, at the end of the day it depends on your own Guinea pigs preference. 

Toys are meant to entertain your Guinea pigs, simulate their natural instincts as well as to encourage their little brains to work.

 But remember that no toy is comparable to having at least one buddy for your Guinea pig. Human interaction is very important too, and here are 7 tips to bond with your Guinea pig fast

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