5 shocking facts about guinea pigs that you don't know

11 Shocking Facts about Guinea Pigs that You don’t know

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Prepare to have your mind blown with some utterly shocking and ridiculously adorable and shocking facts about guinea pigs. Whether you’re a seasoned guinea pig guru or just a curious critter lover, this article is bound to make you squeal with delight.

So grab your favourite snack (carrot sticks, anyone?) and get ready to dive into the captivating world of these pint-sized, fantastic creatures. Just a heads-up, though – you might just end up wanting to adopt a guinea pig after reading this. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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largest guinea pig festival

1. The biggest Guinea Pig Festival

It’s on the Guinness World Records – the annual Festival of Cuy, or “Festival Del Cuy” in Huacho, Peru. In 2008, there were tons of competitions from fattest to fastest to best-dressed guinea pigs. The festival is hosted on the second Friday of October.

As I said above, people dress their guinea pigs into miniature miners, queens, kings, dancers, and so on.

Unfortunately, people will also roast the adorable guinea pigs that didn’t win the contest as a celebration. So if you’re a guinea pig lover like me, maybe think twice before joining.

2. 100 poop a day, keeps other people away

I thought I was exaggerating when I said my potatoes poop 100 times a day. Turns out I’m not. Yep, guinea pigs produce about 100 poops a day. And that’s about one poop every 15 minutes!

Depending on how fast your piggy digests, their ages and the foods they eat, the number will vary. As your piggy gets older, it’ll also poop a little less, around 55-70. Anything below 50 droppings a day may be a sign that something is wrong though.

Estella, the guinea pig in a wheelchair

3. Meet Estella, the guinea pig in a wheelchair

Estella is a 2-year-old guinea pig from California whose back legs were paralyzed. she’s on this $300 wheelchair, and the money was raised online and hosted by the owner with the help of an animal rescue.

However, before living in her loving, forever home, Estella had a traumatic life. Brace yourself because this made my blood boil. 2 years before her adoption, Estella and her friend Pip were cruelly abandoned by their previous owners, and left on the side of the road in Stockholm, CA, injured.

Wait, gets more infuriating. the way was she paralyzed? Because her previous owner SQUEEZED her so hard that her back broke. After that incent, she could only carry her lower body entirely with her upper body strength.

Fortunately, Pip was by her side through it all, and the Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary found her a home with actual caring human beings with compassion.

guinea pig eating lettuce - shocking facts about guinea pigs

4. Guinea pigs are Super Taste Testers

Did you know that Your little furry ball has about 17000 taste buds? That’s almost 2 times more than humans and 36 times more than cats!

A guinea pig’s taste buds are highly developed and will help them distinguish if the food is good or bad. Your potatoes also prefer foods on the sweeter side, like bananas and bell peppers than salter foods.

That being said, guinea pigs can’t have too many foods that have a high sugar content. But don’t worry, here are some healthy and delicious treat recipes for guinea pigs that you can make in your home.

flash the fastest guinea pig

5. Your piggy’s hidden talent – running

Did you know that your potato-shaped furball can run up to 6 MILES PER HOUR? Even humans like me get exhausted running at that speed.

For those who are not sure what 6 miles per hour looks like, at the speed it takes will take them only 2.48 minutes to run one lap (if there’s a treat in front of them or they’re running away from the shower. That is if they’re running consistently at that speed.

I talked more about this along with more guinea pig facts in this video, so feel free to check it out.

Bonus fact: did you know that the fastest guinea pig in the world named Flash in London, U.K. set a world record for a 10-meter dash in only 8.81 seconds? That’s insane for a small potato!

6. Teen guinea pigs

Yes, guinea pigs can hit puberty!

They start becoming a “teen” at 2-3 months old, and their piggy teen years last 8-10 months.

During their teen years, the piggy teenagers tend to have hormone changes and would be more aggressive. they’ll start mating too. And that’s why bonding will be harder as well. Here’s how to bond your guinea pigs easily and stress-free, coming from a guinea pig mom who bonded 3 adult male piggies.

cute guinea pig peeking out

8. Rumble strutting: the sound with 6 different meanings

Depending on your guinea pig’s rumble strutting pitch, duration, body language and situation, the sound can mean a lot of different things. Here’s a quick rundown of them:

  • a sign of dominance
  • mating with other guinea pigs
  • excitement
  • stressed out
  • bored
  • hunger
  • playing and exploring

Here are 8 sounds that guinea pigs make and what they mean with examples.

9. Guinea Pigs have dreams and nightmares!

If your piggy is in deep sleep, then it’ll most likely have dreams. it depends on how deep the guinea pig is sleeping.

Like humans, they may twitch and squeak to talk. But their dreams tend to be about their daily activities, like eating.

And that’s why it’s so important to have a good cuddle bed for your guinea pigs to sleep on.

10. A guinea pig’s fur grows faster than yours!

Even though guinea pigs shed their fur quite often, their fur grows anywhere from half an inch to one inch a month. It might not seem much but that’s about 43% faster than humans!

I remember Popcorn’s bladder stone surgery required his fur on his belly to be shaved to operate. It looked quite silly and cute at the same time and his fur grew back very quickly as well.

guinea pig double chin facts

11. Guinea pigs have double chins

You read that right — guinea pigs can have double chins or dewlaps. Sows are more likely to have them but it’s more visible on boars. They also typically develop dewlaps at around 2 to 3 years old

Having a double chin may indicate chubbiness or come from genetics, but don’t worry, i;s not life-threatening or anything. Sprayed or neutered piggies are less likely to have double chins due to their hormone levels

Wrap Up

And there you have it! We’ve uncovered eleven incredible, mind-boggling, and all-around adorable facts about these fuzzy little bundles of joy.

The next time you’re cuddling up to your furry companion, remember these shocking facts and share them with your friends, family, and anyone who’s ready to be blown away by the awesomeness of guinea pigs.

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