7 signs your guinea pig truly loves you

10 Signs your Guinea Pig Truly Loves You

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You’re a busy person. There’s work or school, the gym, and friends to keep up with. You don’t have time for some potato-shaped furballs that just lay around all day and don’t love you back.

But what if I told you that your guinea pig does love you?

How do you know your guinea pigs didn’t friend-zone you, or worse, see you merely as the lunch lazy or lunch man? Well, here are 7 signs your guinea pig truly loves you.

Disclaimer: every pig is different; these are general signs that a guinea pig loves you

It Licks You All Over

Have you ever noticed that your guinea pig licks you, even if it’s just a tiny bit? It’s not just a coincidence. Licking is one of the most common signs of affection among guinea pigs—and they do it in a very specific way, too.

Guinea pigs use their tongues to both groom themselves and bond with other guinea pigs (and sometimes humans). They also hunt for food with their long snouts, so licking has become a natural behaviour for them.

If your guinea pig loves you, he’ll likely greet you by licking your face, arms, hands or wherever you are close to them when they see you. They might even use his paws as if he’s giving himself a manicure!

guinea pig

Your guinea pig Comes to Say Hello

Guinea pigs are social animals and like to greet each other. If you have more than one guinea pig, they will interact with each other in the cage by nuzzling each other and grooming.

They greet their owners as well! If your guinea pig is a bit hesitant about coming out of his/her hiding spot, try giving them a few treats (healthy homemade or healthy store-bought) or some veggies and see if that helps coax him/her out.

Once your guinea pig has become comfortable around you, he/she may want extra attention from you by climbing on your lap or resting on a pillow next to the couch where he/she can look out into the living room.

It Climbs on You

If your guinea pig loves you, it won’t be afraid to climb on you. Guinea pigs are naturally affectionate and will want to be close to you at all times.

He may also climb on other people in the household, but he will usually prefer its owner(s).

It Doesn’t Bite

If you’ve ever owned a guinea pig, you know that they tend to bite. Guinea pigs are very sweet and friendly animals, but because they are so small, they often don’t realize the strength of their jaws until it’s too late!

If your guinea pig bites you, please understand that this is not because it does not love you—it’s because it is scared or feels threatened in some way.

By the way, you may want to see some vital things about guinea pigs I wish I knew sooner (Thank me later).

It Responds to Your Voice

Does your guinea pig come when you call his name? Does it respond to a whistle? Does it respond to both?

If so, that’s a good sign. Guinea pigs are social animals and enjoy the company of other guinea pigs (and humans), but they’ll often take their time responding if they’re not feeling excited or interested in what’s going on. If your guinea pig comes quickly when it hears your voice, then it’s likely that it loves you!

And wants food.

That said, if your guinea pig doesn’t respond to calls and whistles at all, don’t worry too much about it—he may simply be distracted by something else or not in the mood for interaction. Sometimes our furry friends just need space from us!

It is Comfortable Around You

This is an obvious sign of your guinea pig’s love for you. If it feels safe and secure with you, then it means that it loves being around you!

He’s not scared of you. In fact, if your guinea pig is scared of people in general, it will probably be more likely to hide in his cage when someone walks into the room.

If this happens often enough (and we mean daily), then it could be because it doesn’t feel safe or comfortable with visitors coming over all the time—and if that person happens to be a close friend like yourself. Well, then there’s even less reason for him to want any kind of interaction with them!

On top of all those reasons why they might not want one-on-one time with anyone outside their immediate family members (or whoever else has been regularly visiting them) is because these visits usually come unexpectedly which means that they’re usually surprises; which causes stress on both sides:

The stress caused by an unexpected visit from friends and family members plus whatever fear factors are associated with meeting new people whether they’re strangers or just acquaintances; this combination makes things pretty awkward for everyone involved including our furry friend here who may even opt out completely from being socialized altogether simply because doing so isn’t worth dealing.

guinea pig on owner's lap cuddling

It Lets You Cuddle Him

Guinea pigs are known for being friendly creatures, but not all guinea pigs will let their owners cuddle them. If your guinea pig does, it probably loves you.

If your guinea pig doesn’t let you cuddle him, it’s because he’s afraid of you or has had a bad experience with humans in the past and just doesn’t trust people anymore.

It Likes Being Hand-fed

One of the best ways to tell if your guinea pig is really enjoying your company is by hand-feeding him his favourite treats. Your guinea pig will be grateful for your help, and you’ll enjoy the time together as you both watch television or read a book.

This also links hand in hand with being comfortable around you, hello, there’s a precious treasure right between you, you’d snatch it away too if you’re not 100% comfortable with your food provider giant.

It Follows You Around the House

You’ve probably noticed that your guinea pig loves you and wants to be around you. A sign that your guinea pig loves and trusts you is when it follows you around the house, eager to play with you.

They want your love, your food, and your oh-my-pig-you-are-so-cute voice!

Guinea pigs are very social animals and need to be around people to feel safe and secure. When a guinea pig is lonely, it may start chewing or hiding things it shouldn’t be chewing or hiding, such as shoes or furniture.

If this happens, try spending more time with your piggy until it gets used to being alone again.

You may think your piggy hates you, but it loves you!

Guinea pigs are very affectionate animals and they love to interact with humans. Unlike cats and dogs, guinea pigs don’t have a natural hunting instinct, so they’re not interested in toys that resemble prey. Instead, try giving your guinea pig some treats or snacks whenever it does something cute for you such as nibbling on your shoe or playing with his favourite toy.

If you think your guinea pig needs more exercise than what you’re providing him outside of playtime then consider taking him for a walk around the neighbourhood once a day!

Guinea pigs are known for being extremely smart—they learn quickly, have excellent memories and can even be trained to use litter boxes or harnesses if necessary!


Wrapping up

Guinea pigs are amazing pets that can bring so much joy and happiness into our lives. They’re smart, affectionate and full of personality. But if you have any doubts about whether or not your guinea pig loves you, just look at the signs!

If you want to bond with your guinea pig, you should first make sure it’s well taken care of and healthy, Guinea pigs love routine as well, and that’s why I highly recommend getting this ultimate care package for guinea pigs. It’s digital and printable with 4 colour variations, a meal plan, a vet checklist, and everything included. It is also very cheap, so get it now!

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